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What is TCAA?

TCAA is the public policy voice of community associations and the professionals who serve them.

Our supporters are united by a common mission:

To ensure that Texas community associations function properly for the benefit of all residents, that property values are protected and that community associations are well governed and properly managed to serve homeowners across Texas.

We believe in responsibility and involvement in working together with public officials on public policy and working to find common ground to benefit homeowners and protect the quality of life of Texas neighborhoods.





MARCH 28, 2017

The Texas Community Association Advocates (TCAA) Board is working with the PR and Lobby Teams for our rally day scheduled for March 28, 2017.  Attendees will meet with key legislators and hold a media rally to let Texans know the majority of homeowners support their HOA.

Call to Action: TCAA volunteers and supporters will gather from across the state of Texas to advocate for Texas homeowners and the professionals who serve them. We need your help to make a big showing on our Capitol Day. Please mark the date and plan to recruit everyone you know to attend with you.           Your participation will make a difference in making sure our voices are heard and our strength of numbers are known at the Texas Capitol. We would like to fill buses from each of the major cities. Please help us ensure we have strong numbers from every region of the state. We should aspire to have a bigger and bigger rally each year. Our goal needs to be between 200-300 people.  Start getting commitments from each region on how many people they will deliver to the rally.  The best way CAI chapters can assist TCAA is by identifying & recruiting people who will commit to attending the rally and legislative visits.

   For more information and to register click here.  


TCAA advocated for POA stakeholders on critical issues such as:

  • Consumer Protection
  • Homeowner Safety
  • Privacy at the Ballot Box
  • Transparency for Board Meetings
  • Liability Issues Affecting Volunteer Board Members
  • Better Participation for Board Meetings via Skype and Video Conferencing
  • Installation of Solar Energy Panels and Devices by Homeowners
  • Longer and more Flexible Payment Plans
  • Many more issues affecting POAs’ ability to protect property values

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TCAA has prepared two educational videos which answer some of the most frequently asked questions concerning Open Meetings and Foreclosures by HOAs as laid out in the Texas Property Code.

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