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Expertise and Practical Information

Whether  you are a board member, association manager or homeowner, you should be  familiar with your community's governing documents.  However, Texas  statutes also regulate many aspects of association governance. 

TCAA has  prepared two educational videos which answer some of the most commonly  asked questions concerning Open Meetings and Foreclosures by HOAs as laid out in the Texas Property Code. 

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Titles Available for Purchase

Open Meetings: Does Your Board Comply with the Magic Seven?

What qualifies as an open board meeting? Do you know the Magic Seven topics  which can only be discussed in an open meeting?  View an informative presentation by two founding TCAA Board members and HOA legal experts.  This video is a half hour summary of the key provisions of the Texas Property Code, Chapter 209, Section 209.0051 (as amended by the 82nd Texas legislature) and outlines guidelines for POA Boards to ensure their compliance with the law.

Supplemental Materials for Open Meetings Video.
Excerpt from Texas Property Code | Sample Board Meeting Agenda

Foreclosures by HOAs:Understanding Procedures and Implications

When  should an HOA consider foreclosure as a remedy for a delinquency, and  what are the implications?  View an informative presentation by founding TCAA Board member Judd Austin, who explains the provisions of Texas foreclosure law which apply to HOAs and outlines foreclosure procedures. Board leaders will want to understand the key steps in foreclosure procedures.

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