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"Working with TCAA is working with great professional and dedicated volunteers.  As an HOA board member who has testified at legislative hearings, I've learned we need to educate elected officials about Community Associations and the positive role they play in their communities. TCAA can assist HOAs reaching out to their elected officials."

Kim Moran, Board Member
Sun City Georgetown Community Association

"Homeowners need someone to speak in their behalf before our legislators. Community managers and their companies need reasonable legislation they can help their boards implement effectively. The role of TCAA is critical in building and maintaining the working relationships with our legislators and their staffs.  This results in our positions on HOA issues receiving a fair hearing."

Joe Dunst, Chapter Executive Director
CAI, Austin Chapter

"As part of our service in preparing an association's budget, we encourage associations to budget $1 per door or unit in the community.  We also request that owners become actively involved to write letters to legislators, ride the bus to a rally in Austin or testify at a hearing.  Even if they can only make a small donation, they still get the benefit of an overall investment."

Pam Bailey, CEO
Chaparral Management Company

"To be successful, TCAA must win the support of the board members and homeowners of association communities.  This "buy-in" requires the full support of the CEOs of management companies, not just the managers, to educate association boards and owners.  This grassroots support will enhance the overall effectiveness of TCAA and avoid the misconception that TCAA is just another lobby group only looking after the financial interests of the professionals in the industry."

Randy Allen, CPM
Goodwin Management, Inc.

"As an HOA owner for more than 12 years, I support TCAA's efforts to influence policies which can dramatically affect my property value and lifestyle investment. Neighborhoods like mine speak for the silent majority by backing an effective statewide organization which looks out for our best interests."

Marta Gore
Former board member & current owner 
Stonebridge Ranch Community Association

"As a management company CEO, I support sensible, meaningful regulations that won't restrict the ability to operate as a profitable business.  Texas Community Association Advocates (TCAA) works to protect the interests of management companies, as well as community associations."

Fred Shapiro, Owner/CEO
SBB Management Company

"As an advocate for Texas neighborhood associations for 15 years, I feel that TCAA represents the interests of HOAs/POAs and has the resources to effectively lobby the Texas Legislature on their behalf.
Many legislators don't understand the vital role HOAs/POAs play in their communities. A coordinated effort provided by TCAA results in focused involvement to educate lawmakers and influence laws."

Art Downey
Secretary/Treasurer (and Past President) Stone Mountain Owners Association, San Antonio

Board Member Stone Oak Property Owners Association
President District 9 Neighborhood Alliance
President Texas Neighborhoods Together
"TCAA plays a valuable role in lobbying and public relations on behalf of its supporters. By building relationships with lawmakers and the media, we're educating not only legislators, but also, the general public about the many benefits of community associations."

Judi Phares, President and CEO

RTI/Community Management Associates, Inc. (CMA)

TCAA is a 501c(6) organization. Contributions are not tax deductible.

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